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  • Favorite TV Show: Once Upon a Time, Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Winx, W.i.t.c.h., DaVinci's Demons, and Robin kap
    Favorite Movie: Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd, and LotR
    Favorite Musician: Within Temptation, Delain, Tatu, Omega Lithium, Nightwish, Epica, Big Bang, and Dir en Grey, Kontrust, Xandria ♫♪♫♪
    Favorite Book or Author: Harry Potter, Vampire Acadmey, Arclight, Uglies, Pellinor 🦇🦇🦇
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yorkshire_rose gaf me complimenten voor my polls
Have a Spook-tastic week ahead 🎃 geplaatst één dag geleden 1
ThePrincesTale gaf me complimenten voor my comments
"Y'all can pry boeken out of my cold dead, nerd hands" gave me a chuckle geplaatst één dag geleden 1
ThePrincesTale gaf me complimenten voor my videos
HOLY FUCK I LOVE CANADIAN PIRATES. That was amazing even before 0.55 and then the band fuckin comes in unexpectedly and istg I got CHILLS. Thank youuuu. u know my musical tastes too well now lmao geplaatst één dag geleden 1
ThePrincesTale commentaar gegeven…
need to listen to meer of em, apparently the genre is "celtic rock" omg. They remind me of a musical I went and saw last jaar called "Come From Away", which is based on the true story of what happened when 38 planes were ordered to land in the small town of gent, gander (Newfoundland) on September 11. It was about the how the islanders came together to take care of the thousands of stranded travellers and oml it warmed my cold hart-, hart so much. Even better, all the muziek was based on the celtic/irish muziek of Newfoundland so it was a FOLK muziek MUSICAL. Highly recommend if u ever get the chance 👌 één dag geleden 1
ThePrincesTale commentaar gegeven…
glad to hear the surgery went alright btw! anaesthesia is sorta cool IMO, I went under for my wisdom teeth removal and it was like... one minuut I was telling the doc about my dog. Nek minnit I was like "oh hi mum" except apparently it wasn't nek minnit but nek uur één dag geleden 1
ThePrincesTale commentaar gegeven…
Also I just realised that my tumblr header is the same as my LINKEDIN header lol I am just asking to be doxxed. Internet security? Never heard of 'er ·7 uren geleden