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i dont care what people think of jb hes always got me as a fan no matter what + good for him having a go at the paparozi the person deserved it jb is only 19+ obviously hes gonna get in a mess thats normal he had so much fame + lost lots of fans if u are a true fan u will understand so give him a break i will always love+ care for jb + i dont care as long as he knows somebody is there.hes only 19 + he dosnt know what to do so just be there for him and then he knows people actually care about him geplaatst een jaar geleden
nadia1renesmee1 commentaar gegeven…
i hope u all get the message!he needs somebody to be there for him! een jaar geleden
shalie201 commentaar gegeven…
i will always be there for him Belieber forever een jaar geleden
nadia1renesmee1 commentaar gegeven…
thankyou!shalie201!your awsome een jaar geleden
nikia218 commentaar gegeven…
I love Justin bieber no matter what happens I will always be one of his fans I might not be his age but I am his biggest fan I have his movie never say never and I read his boeken and I am een jaar geleden
i love twilight n im sad that kristen and robert has broke up cry cry cry cry geplaatst een jaar geleden
Renesmee_08 commentaar gegeven…
Only Rob and Kristen know what REALLY happened. For all we know, they could me making up as we speak..... (: een jaar geleden
hiya lovejb so much me n my cozion has done a jb club lol n its awsome plus most of the facts n stuff is from never say never film bye geplaatst een jaar geleden