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RainSoul gaf me complimenten voor my images
I see that's some good ideas. Thanks, I'll try doing that volgende time. :)

Lol, amazing. Family & I went to Branson, Missouri. We avoided places with major crowds, but still ate some delicious food (Billy Gail's) and seen some spectacular shows (The Petersens, The Haygood's, etc.). Went to top, boven of the Rock were has stunning aantal keer bekeken of the mountains and the lake, with a cool golf kar, winkelwagen ride u can do that passes waterfalls and u can drive into a cave with it.🏞️ geplaatst ·15 uren geleden
RainSoul commentaar gegeven…
They also had a fascinating museum up there. Overall, definitely going back there someday. ^-^ Anyways, yeah that would be scary and probably not. Glad you're okay now, but continue trying to stay safe.🙏 I don't really, unless they have a certain anime I wanna watch. I actually discovered and got into anime because Netflix had some on there (though I didn't know what they were at the time). Despite being like 9 of something I picked to watch the meer raunchy shows like Girls Bravo, Shuffle!, and Rosario + Vampire. Lol, I don't regret it though because it led me into a wondrous world. <3 What do u like to watch on Netflix? :) ·15 uren geleden
RainSoul commentaar gegeven…
Indeed, they are. It would also be cool to learn a Indian of Middle Eastern language, but it wouldn't be very practical if I did and it would be difficult to. But, with anything u want to do u got to be persistent with it and not give up. I'm sure we'll learn the languages we want to someday, just keep at it. :) ·14 uren geleden
RainSoul commentaar gegeven…
I see, well I'm glad you're enjoying watching both shows so far. Lol, glad to help. xD Yeah, the skating was pretty. The animatie for those scenes was top, boven notch at least. While I do have yaoi ships, I've never watched an anime just for yaoi before, but certain ones I have seen did have hints of maybe romance in it (if u want to interpret it that way, but in most cases it's not canon). I think Kuroshitsuji was the first one I saw. Then shows like Free!, Kuroko no Basket, Haikyuu!!, Yuri!!! on Ice (one of the only ones that it was canon and a focus point for the story), Durarara!! (only watched the first season, however), Food wars (I could see Takumi having some feelings for Soma, lol. Haven't completed all the seasons for this either), Hunter x Hunter (Killua may have a crush on Gon, but again not canon), Naruto (of course, that kiss between Sasuke and him, lol), Hetalia (Italy and Germany, which I believe is Holy Roman Empire. <3), and Arashi no Yoru ni. Um, you? x3 ·14 uren geleden
namelessbastard gaf me complimenten voor my pop quiz questions
Ikr? I thought something like this may happen in our lifetime, but like in 30 years, and suddenly boom, pandemic is here 😞
I read in the news that it’s hitting India bad, how are u all doing? But its good ur staying at home, however frustrating it may be. Health always comes first dear! Sendings lots of love from over here geplaatst één dag geleden 1
namelessbastard commentaar gegeven…
We’re starting to get a seconde wave over here too, if it continues I’ll be staying at home pagina again. It’s honestly not worth the risk. It’s damn scary tho één dag geleden 1
namelessbastard gaf me complimenten voor my articles
Sadly no, i have no new info on bts and the military... I’m not looking vooruit, voorwaarts to it but it’s something they have to and I’m sure they’ll hold their heads high and we’ll all be so proud of them 💜
Where i live the boys also have to go to the military, but it’s only for 6 months, so it’s not so bad, and it’s just training geplaatst één dag geleden 1