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The volgende day,the duo were at the arcade,playing an video game called Ninjas vs Zombies."Dude,do the finishing combo!",Mordecai yelled."I forgot how it goes,man!",Rigby replied."Up,down,right,down,left,up!",Mordecai said,Rigby following his directions.The final zombie was killed,turning into a pile of bones with a point amount hovering above it."YEEEAAAUUHH!!!!THIRTY THOUSAND POINTS FOR US!!!!",Mordecai and Rigby yelled triumphantly,high fiving in victory."Thirty thousand?That's it?",a voice from behind asked."Rox!",Rigby said."Yeah,no dur.Now how 'bout me and Carrie toon ya how this game goes.",Rox...
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Regular toon References in Close Enough.
regular toon references in close enough
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107 facts about Regular toon door Cartoon Hangover on Youtube.
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Since Benson, and Muscleman were kicked out of the hotel, Mordecai, and Rigby stayed until tomorrow morning. When they got to the parking lot however, something surprised them

Mordecai: Great. Muscleman got his car back.
Rigby: I think it was Benson's.
Mordecai: Who cares dude? We don't have a ride to get to that game store, and we'll never get Sonic Forever!
Rigby: I don't think we don't have a ride.
Mordecai: What makes u say that?
Rigby: That adder, viper they showed up in is here.
Mordecai: And they left the keys over there *Gets car keys*
Rigby: Alright. Let's start this thing.
Mordecai: *gets...
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Mordecai & Rigby were watching TV, when a commercial came on.

Rigby: Aw, really?
Mordecai: Screw this.
Rigby: Hold up! There's a commercial for a videogame!!
Man: Now available in stores is an all new Sonic The Hedgehog game, that has all the sonic games in one disc!
Mordecai: Awesome.
Man: u can play up to 45 characters in any game.
Rigby: I want this!!!
Man: Only available in Canada!
Mordecai: WHAT?!!?
Man: Sonic Forever! Rated Everyone 10, and up.
Rigby: How could it be only available in Canada? That's 200 miles from here!
Mordecai: Well, we better get there fast, cause that game is ours....
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I've been thinking abou this for a long time now and been actually thinking contacting CN.
What if Mordecai and Rigby were watching Carter and Briggs and a commercial came on for a new gaming console. Something with wireless controllers, big memory space, and able to watch films straight from the console and also a built in security system? Mordecai and Rigby buy the new console and throw out the old one. Then some kind of old radioactive pudding (idk something random like that :P) gets on the old gaming console and it comes to life and its mad at Mordecai and Rigby for dumping it for something...
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6:00 Am
The Park, Morning
Mordecai Blue vlaamse gaai, jay and Rigby.
Mordecai:Hey Rigby Lets Play call of duty modern warfare 2?
*2 minuten Later*
Rigby:so what map?
at Intel has written:Don't Camp for a long time stopped on a place of u will die for a Noob and scream son o-
at teams has written:

Mordecai:i will chose U.S Army rangers, them have a good spawn theme.
Rigby:i will choose Spetsnaz cus
there are evil.
The other one:Lets do this.
at center of scene has written:Eliminate...
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"What the... CJ?" Mordecai says in disbelief. "No, I'm not Cloudy Jay, I'm her BFF, Cloudy May. When she told me about what u did to her on the phone, I got so mad. And you're dating this... red chicken?" the wolk yells. "And u had to get me on Couple Corral!" Mordecai says to Rigby.. "Wait!" says Rigby. "How far is it to the arcade?" "About five minutes, WHY?" says Eileen. ""Destroyer of Worlds!" says Rigby "Are u crazy? That thing almost made Rigby Roast out of u and you're releasing him!"
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